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Autoclaves are utilized in a variety of industries. As you will notice below, even though the use of autoclaves in different industries are described uniquely, the principles are similar in many ways. 


Composite manufacturing requires a pressure curing environment with tight temperature control and monitoring. Often vacuum and part thermocouple points are required. Higher temperatures and pressures are typically associated with composite manufacturing.



Elastomer and Rubber manufacturing use both dry heat and steam curing autoclaves. Controls enable manufacturers to automate rubber curing time and monitor temperature and pressure rise during the cook cycle. 


Medical Waste

Medical Waste processing requires a sterilization process achieved in a sterilizer under high pressure steam. Both carbon and stainless steel construction is used where applicable. Controls, material handling equipment, and vacuum drying is commonplace in this application.



Medical laboratory sterilizers range in a variety of sizes and configurations. Some operate on a self contained steam generated system while others require plant supplied steam. The purpose of small laboratory sterilizers is to provide a method for easily sterilizing equipment, utensils, or material that is contaminated. Larger sterilizer systems may be used for sterilizing large volumes of contaminated material or liquid. Sterilizers may be automated or manual operated and typically built in stainless steel. Larger waste water systems from BSL-3 & 4 laboratories also utilize direct and indirect steam sterilization.


Glass Manufacturing

Manufacturers of glass products usually require low temperature and high pressure to achieve good lamination properties in their product. Vacuum bag capability and monitoring is essential and careful product cooling after heating completes is required.


Research and Development continues to be an exciting area associated with autoclaves. Every year we are approached with new processes and applications for autoclaves. We continue to offer customized design and manufacturing to help our valued customers achieve concepts realized on paper.



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